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K-Laser Professional 40 SE
K-Laser Professional 40 SE 840nm

K-Laser Professional 40 SE is a high powerful diode laser, ideal for the clinics. It features the exclusive MDT system (Multiphase Dynamic Therapy), that automatically adjusts the emission parameters during the treatment, ensuring a controlled tissue biostimulation.

Its brilliant design differs from all other competitor's devices. It delivers up to 35 W output power in a 320 um fiber. Its high technology design and softwaer, that are essential for the management of such powerful device, makes it absolutely safe for both the doctor and the patient.

"Professional 40 SE" model is ideal for dermo-cosmetic, dermatology, surgery, vascular, dental and therapy applications.

  • Vascular surgery
  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Dermatology and micro-surgery
  • Oral cavity surgery
  • Tissue biostimulation
  • Antalgic therapy
  • Hypertrichosis therapy
  • Lower teleangectasis treatment