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K-Laser Professional 10 DE
K-Laser Professional 40 SE
K-Laser Professional 10 DE

With dual wavelengths of 800nm & 970nm make best use of both the wavelengths for soft tissue work in dentistry& biostimulation and tooth bleaching.

K-Laser Professional 10 DE Diode Laser Advantages
  • Dual wavelengths 800nm and 970nm wavelength (selectable and together).
  • Ideal for all dental applications
  • 10 watts of combined output
  • 6W high output power for 970 nm and 4W for 800 nm
  • Output Power display
  • Constant power output for superior results. - The integrated software checks and ensures constant power.
  • Heavy Duty versions - can be used for long procedures like Biostimulation and Tooth Whitening
  • Top quality monolithic quartz fiber that allows laser emissions with maximum efficiency
  • Colour touch screen
  • Preset treatment parameters
  • Wide range of custom treatments available
  • Clinically proven bactericidal effects
  • No damaging effect on surrounding tissues
  • Electronic access key to prevent unauthorized usage
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Low consumable cost
  • 2 years warranty on Laser.
  • Portable