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Physiotherapy Lasers
K-laser Cube
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Eltech K-Laser Physiotherapy Lasers  

Therapeutic lasers have been in use for many years and their beneficial effects have been demonstrated by hundreds of studies published over last decades. Appropriate dosage and combination of wavelengths lead to a wide variety of tissue effects. This phenomenon of tissue effects when exposed to laser is called biomodulation or biostimulation and sets of beneficial effects like improved cellular metabolism that lead to anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative tissue effects. Pain relief and accelerated tissue repair is one area that has benefit from this emerging technology. These treatments earlier were made with low power lasers. Eltech having developed Class IV lasers with special software for applications, laser therapy has become more effective.

Mikro Scientific proudly bring to you K-Laser 1200/K-Laser 900 with unique ISP technology.

Manfuactured by Eltech, a high tech diode laser manufacturing company located in Treviso, Italy, K-Lasers brand means "advanced lasertherapy", it differs from all other laser devices in the market, thanks to the laser diodes very high quality, the highest reliability level of best performance devices and also to be easy and simple to use, as integrated optic fiber management and rechargeable battery supplying makes it unique and incomparable.