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Physiotherapy Lasers
K-laser Cube
K-Laser Unique ISP Therapy
K-laser Cube

K-Laser for laser therapy is available in two models, K-laser 1200 and K-laser 900.

K-Laser 1200 is designed for those who want to work at very top level, having maximum power of 12 W in Continuous wave (CW) and 15 W in ISP (Intense Super Pulse), and it features double wavelength, 800 & 970 nm; K-Laser 900 is suggested not only to the experts in laser matters but also to practitioner who finds themselves at the very first approach such technology. It has 8 W output power in Continuous Wave (CW) and 10 W in ISP mode, and it features a single wavelength(970 nm).


Fast and efficiency therapy

ISP system get the highest efficiency, as laser device adjusts automatically the emission parameters during the treatment, ensuring a managed tissue biostimulation
Zoom handpiece

Special and unique zoom handpiece allows the operator to select an excellent area of treatment, in a safe and clean way. Ergonomic handpiece including pression button allows the laser activation and adjustment easily, through the revolutionary PRC system.

Applications and treatment

Use of K-Series laser in modern medicine for acute and chronic pain got great and efficient results, ensuring extremely reduced healing time. K-Series laser devices are the ideal solution for the following rehabilitation therapy: cevricalgia, shoulder pain, post-traumatic edemas, low back pain and lumbosciatica, fybromialgia, wounds, bedsore,ostheoarthritis, neurite, tendonitis, contracture, muscle strain sprain, contusion, bursitis, metatarsalgia, plantar fascitiis.

Intuitive software

K-Series was designed with an intelligent system, which uses an intuitive software. It ensures a safe and fast guide using a comfortable touchscreen.

    K-Laser 900   K-Laser 1200
Use   For users who want to work with great power and maximum comfort, with a wavelength of 970 nm, with 8 watts (continuous) and 10 watts (ISP: Intense Superpulse).   For Experts who would use the most advanced system, with a maximum power of 12 watts (continuous) at 15 watts (ISP: Intense Superpulse). It is equipped with two wavelengths: 800 nm and 970 nm.
Laser type   Diode laser
Wavelength   970 nm +/- 15 nm   800 nm and 970 nm +/- 15 nm, selectable
Laser Classification   Class IV
Power   0.1 – 8.0 W (CW)   0.1 – 12.0 W (CW)
Maximum Power in ISP (Intense Super Pulse) Mode   10 W   15 W
Emission Modes   Continuous Wave (CW)
Pulsed 1 to 20 KHz @ 50% Duty Cycle
ISP (Intense Super Pulse) 1 to 20 KHz
Display   LCD Colour Touch Screen with built in Intuitive Software
Laser Delivery   Ergonomic Zoom handpiece with steel covered Laser optical fiber and finger switch
Aiming Beam   635 – 650 nm, max 1mW
Power Supply   Nano- Phosphate Lithium ion Battery or external power supply 15 VDC 6.65 Amps
Dimensions   (W x L x H) 182 x 197 x 189 mm approx.
Weight Approx   1300g (incl. Battery and handpiece)