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K-Laser Unique ISP Therapy
K-Laser Unique ISP Therapy  
K-SERIES can deliver therapeutic laser Energy in 4 mode of use:
  • Continuous Wave (CW)
  • Pulsed at very low frequencies
  • Pulsed at high frequencies
  • Super pulsed ISP
K-SERIES operates in pulsed mode with duty cicle of 50%, while in super pulsed mode ISP, K-SERIES emits a very bright light for a really short time.

Differing from other laser devices, which shall increase the frequency to get energy, K-Series allows the operator to chose and keep stable the right modulation frequency as well as average power, even operating in super pulsed mode.

Superpulse ISP mode has two different benefits compared with the continuous wave and the regular pulse: when the target is to treat in deeper conditions and in case of darker skin patients.

Diagrams show up ISP mode, that is able to deliver laser energy deeper, therefore if the lumbar disc is the part to be treated, an articulation or any other deeper target, patient could feel the benefit of Superpulse ISP mode. Melanine absorbs the laser energy and the darker is the skin, the more melanine is in the skin surface.

A continuous wave laser device warms up darker skin faster and most part of the benefit is lost.

Superpulse ISP mode will deliver laser energy deeper, without warming up too much the skin up.

Superpulse ISP mode offers a choice to the therapist to use one more emission mode, in this case he could choose ISP mode along with the K-SERIES treatment program.