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Teeth whitening with laser
Laser bleaching is a special dental cosmetic procedure where a special gel is irradiated with a laser that activates oxygen radicals to penetrate into the teeth leading to break down of coloration pigments. Laser bleaching is the most modern and most gentle method for giving teeth a gleaming white appearance again.

Compared to traditional methods, it is short procedure and bleaching gel can be removed from the teeth much more quickly leading to safer and better results.

This method can offer long-term removal of even years-old discolorations with a single treatment.

Heydent is a specialist in the area of dental aesthetics, and focuses efforts on a single goal: the best and most gentle technology for customers and patients.

This specialization drives its goal of worldwide market leadership in the development and production of the highest-quality bleaching products in the dental industry.

In partnership with the University of Vienna, it develops bleaching gels which offer customers and patients the highest safety and quality – all "Made in Germany."

Therapeutic success and the satisfaction and confidence of customers are at the center of our quality management. As a manufacturer of medicinal products Heydent is DIN EN ISO 13485 certified and have strict quality controls.

JW - Power Bleaching Gel Laser was developed and approved for diode and Nd:YAG laser bleaching.