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Sunny Fraclase - CO2 Fractional Laser

FracLase uses latest generation Ultra Pulse CO Laser technology 2 and a scanner to deliver a wide range of fractional treatment options combined with standard CO laser applications.

FracLase represents a new modality for effective treatment of wrinkles, scars, skin tone, stretch marks and several other aesthetic procedures on outpatient basis with minimal or virtual no down time and no side effects. Unlike many other lasers, FracLase scanner is designed to be used with Ultra short pulses that make it more effective and safer. With spacing between two treatment points variable from 0.1 to 2 mm, it provides endless possibilities for a practitioner to tailor treatment according to patient needs. High peak power Ultrapulse pulses ensure narrow char free micro channels resulting in faster turnaround of treatment times.

With its capability to vary pulse length, power, scan density, scan area and scan shapes, FracLase provides a very effective tool for a wide range of clinical treatments. And with its standard handpiece, Fraclase laser lends itself to a wide variety of applications in ENT, Gynecology, Plastic surgery, Oncologic surgery, General Surgery Neurosurgery etc.