Technology for Safer and Better Results

Mikro Scientific is proud to bring products to the Indian market that are not only clinically safe for the Indian patients but technologically engineered to deliver safer and more effective treatments. We were the first company that realized the potential of Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser for Hair Removal and other aesthetic applications on dark skin.

This was at a time when IPLs and Diode lasers were ruling the market with great side effects. After nearly a decade of use in India, we feel proud that our belief has been vindicate.

It’s a great myth that all lasers of one type from different manufacturers provide same results. For example, there are several Nd:YAG Lasers for Hair Removal but Fotona Lasers provide superior results due to special (I) VSP Pulsing technology, (ii) Constant out put energy due to EFC technology and (iii) Superior Handpiece optics.

Many dentists can tell you how they find that only Fotona Erbium Laser cut hard tissue efficiently without damaging surrounding tissue - again thanks to VSP and EFC technology.
FOTONA laser systems are the result of over 40 years of experience and expertise in the fields of medicine, communications, industry and defense. It chose perfection by investing in outstanding R&D facilities in order to fulfill the market need for innovative solutions.

It chose perfection by manufacturing and stringently testing all of the components for laser systems ‘in-house’. to ensures that all laser systems are of the highest quality, reliability and durability in compliance with all applicable international standards.

Choosing Fotona ensures a level of perfection in your work that is unachievable by any other laser solution provider. Choosing Fotona provides you with levels of precision, efficacy, efficiency and success you cannot achieve by any other means.

When you choose Fotona you choose the highest performance, best-made laser systems in the world.


VSP Technology: Precision, Safety and Power

As a result of proprietary VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology, Fotona is able to push the precision and safety of laser treatments to new dimensions.

This technology allows the practitioner to precisely control the laser pulse duration and its fluence according to the needs of the specific application at the simple touch of a button.

VSP-technology’s square-shaped pulses avoid the slow rise of laser pulse power and the even longer fall in pulse power, which is common in less-advanced light-based technology platforms. Slow rises and long falls in laser pulse power deliver unnecessary laser energy to the target tissue, which is converted to heat in an uncontrolled way, thus increasing the risk of unwanted side effects and reducing the efficacy of the treatment. Conversely, the variable VSP technology modes enable you to easily and precisely treat different tissues with unmatched efficacy, without heating surrounding tissue.

Energy Feedback Control Technology

By means of digital online energy regulation, the energy of each pulse is actively forced to match the selected energy settings while the laser is in operation. This avoids uncontrolled loss of energy inherent in less-advanced laser technology platforms, and ensures efficient and effective operation every time the system is used. EFC technology provides levels of safety and confidence in the Fotona system’s abilities, unmatched by any other laser system available today. In addition, with EFC technology, Fotona laser systems do not require tedious and inconvenient manual calibration procedures each time the systems are switched on.